čerešnička na torte, zbiehajú sa mi sliny, mám chuť na

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Na čo sa vám zbiehajú zbiehajú sliny? Máte chuť na niečo sladké alebo vychladené? A čo tak čerešnička na torte?! Boost your vocabulary with these food related expressions.

● the icing on the cake – an additional benefit or positive aspect to something good
● … make (one´s) mouth water – to cause one to salivate or feel hungry
● to feel like having … – feel like eating, drinking something or doing something

● the icing on the cake – čerešnička na torte
● … make (one´s) mouth water – (komu) sa zbiehajú sliny na …
● to feel like having … – mať chuť na …

I really wanted that job, but the bonus was really just icing on the cake.
Just the thought of having a big dinner tonight makes my mouth water.
I feel like having something sweet now. I feel like going shopping.

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Last modified: 24/12/2017